Marc Dalke


Marc is a life-long strength enthusiast, competitive powerlifter and highland games athlete. Originally certified as a personal trainer at age 15, he has many years of training experience and is passionate about helping others unlock potential and achieve their fitness goals. After many years in the commercial gym setting, he decided to open the first strength sports gym in area in an effort to give powerlifters like himself a place to train without the annoyed stares from the commercial gym owners, managers, and patrons. In an effort to help as many people as possible, he added resistance and cardio machines and changed the gym to be more inclusive to the average person. Currently he's the only trainer/coach at the gym and has helped many achieve their goals. Whether you need a trainer or just a spot for one set, he's here to help!

About The Gym

Texoma Strength was built for lifters, by lifters who were tired of the commercial gyms . This gym has everything needed for both beginners and advanced lifters alike. We have a seniors fitness class twice a week geared at improving strength, mobility, and balance and on the other end of the spectrum, we have a competitive equipped powerlifting team that train and compete together. If you're tired of commercial gyms, this is the spot for you. It offers a semi-private space and unique atmosphere that is based in positivity and growth. Unlike commercial gyms that want (and plan on) you signing up and never coming, we want you to here training. Come train with the best!